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Taro Root - சேப்பங்கிழங்கு

In stock | 250 gm

Taro is a starch-rich, globular fleshy taproot of aroid family plants. Its underground root, known as a corm, is one of the traditional edible root vegetables to a greater parts Asia, Pacific islands, West Africa, and Amazonian regions of South America. Some of the common names are cocoyam, dasheen, Colocasia, elephant’s ear plant, amadumbe, kalo, etc.

Taro or dasheen roots carry more calories than potatoes. 100 grams of root provides 112 calories. Their calorie value chiefly comes from complex carbohydrates, amylose, and amylopectin. However, they are minor source of fats and protein than in cereals and pulses. Their protein levels can be comparable to that of other tropical food sources like yam, cassava, potato, plantin, etc.

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Nutritional value

  • Energy 112Kcal
  • Carbohydrates 26.46g
  • Protein 1.50g
  • Total Fat 0.20g
  • Dietary Fiber 4.10g
  • b9
  • b2
  • b3
  • b5
  • b6
  • b1
  • A
  • C
  • E
  • K
  • Ca
  • Cu
  • Mg
  • Fe
  • Mn
  • Zn
  • Se

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